The Haunting and Captivating ‘Lemonade’

B u t t e r f l y ƸӜƷ S a m u r a i

I am the type of black woman who will sit in a drive thru and watch the new Beyoncé video the moment it drops (seriously – I did this for “Formation”) so when I saw twitter blowing up about Beyoncé’s latest album being released as a visual special presentation on HBO, I knew that I had to watch. Thank goodness for HBO free weekends. Having been a loyal, self-proclaimed member of the Bey Hive for well over a decade now, I can be a bit biased to this particular artist. Between her and my other top-tier musical love (Fall Out Boy), no wrong can be done.

No wrong was done.


Regardless of my personal adoration for all things Beyoncé or anyone else’s fervent dislike, Lemonade is absolutely stunning. This is artistry. This is enchantment. This is soul touching. Beyoncé transcends genre. She transcends what is to be known of singers…

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I can imagine us
two brown queens touching the souls of men and women alike
heaven’s angels that have lost their way
singing like canaries
in little places hot with ecstasy
nestled between thighs
touching the temples of men and women alike

they watch closely
every move we make
as we rock and tantalize
to the beat of the vibe
we harmonize
holding their ears in the palms of our hands

my highs will catch her lows
every time
the same way our thighs catch their eyes
up and down and still
every time they realize
our vibe is tight

poetry plain and simple, tales from the pit

from pen to paper


I am ink.
Maybe the Blackest you’ve ever seen.
More permanent than bleach stains
I do not fade.
I only get darker
Your worst nightmare
I am.
This is why you hate me
Because I cannot be erased.
Because once drawn
I shall not be moved.
This is why others love me
Because I am forever
My Black does not leave
Because I am ink
Permanent and everlasting.
You have tried to erase me
You will always fail.
I will always remain.
Permanent and everlasting.
You have tried to leave me out
To move around me
As if I do not exist..
You have tried to cover me.
“Correct” me
With white
As if I may disappear
Under such an absence of color
As if I will not remain
But I do.
Blacker than ever.
Because I am ink.
Permanent and everlasting.
This does not sadden me.
Because I am the center of your attention
I am envied
I am loathed
At the same time
Because of this
I am aware of my sovereignty.
I am the gift
that the cursed cannot have.
I am ink.
Permanent and everlasting.

From Pen to Paper

deadly sins, high thoughts, poetry plain and simple, why i love women

Head to Toe


She tried to swallow me whole
To prove herself worthy
To prove that she could take
all of me
in one, thick gulp.
It is hard to take ALL
of a woman
We are so filled to the brim
with everything
under above and within.
Too bad..
This one was so close
she barely gagged
on the fullness of me.
but her teeth
kept getting in the way.

tales from the pit

To the writer who is dying


There will be times
in life and in love
where you will have
to be your own Savior.
Take it from me,
the writer.
who, with the help of The Holy One,
has had to save my own life
many times.
The advice I give
To the writer who is dying…
write your Self a ladder
So that you can climb out
of the pit.
Write your Self to safety.
For as you know,
Those who have tried to save you
Those who have tried to reach
into the pit
and pull you free
have died
never making it to the conquering.
Their blood
a puddle at your feet
with time have turned to ink
Now what will you do,
writer on the cusp of death?
Will you write your Self free
Or will you drown
in ink?